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UK Lotto Draw

The UK’s National Lottery game was launched in 1994 to give players the chance to win cash prizes going right up to multimillion-pound jackpots. Draws were originally held once a week on Saturdays, but a Wednesday draw was also introduced in 1997 as the game went from strength to strength. In January 2016, two winners split a record-breaking Lotto jackpot of £66 million, receiving £33 million each, with a single ticket holder winning an incredible £32.5 million the following month on Saturday 13th February.

Players are required to select six numbers from a choice of 59 and if they succeed in matching all six numbers drawn, they will win the jackpot. A seventh number, the Bonus Ball, is also drawn from the same machine in every draw. There have been a number of changes to the game over the years, most recently in November 2018 to increase the size of cash prizes and the frequency of jackpot winners.

The changes mean the Lotto jackpot can only roll over a maximum five times before it has to be won in a ‘Must Be Won’ draw. If no ticket matches all six numbers to claim the jackpot in the ‘Must Be Won’ draw, the prize money is rolled down and shared amongst all other winners.

There are five fixed prize amounts to be won in Lotto, as well as the jackpot, meaning players can win rewards for matching as few as two main numbers. The starting jackpot on a Wednesday is £2 million, with a minimum prize of £3.8 million to be won on a Saturday. It costs £2 per ticket and the prize amounts and odds of winning are shown below:

Prize Tier Prize Amount Odds of Winning
Match 6 Jackpot 1 in 45,057,474
Match 5 + Bonus £1 million 1 in 7,509,579
Match 5 £1,750 1 in 144,415
Match 4 £140 1 in 2,180
Match 3 £30 1 in 97
Match 2 Free Lucky Dip 1 in 10

The overall odds of winning are 1 in 9.3

The supplementary Lotto Millionaire Raffle came to an end in November 2018 as part of the wider changes made to the Lotto game. The final raffle was held on Saturday 17th November 2018, and it is no longer possible to play this game. Winning tickets from that final draw can still be claimed up to the deadline on 16th May 2019.

Money from ticket sales for the Lotto draw is split between the prize fund, a fund for good causes and administration, and from every £1 spent on the Lotto draw, approximately 28p goes towards countless public initiatives located throughout the country. That means that every time you buy tickets for the Lotto draw, you are helping charitable initiatives around the UK as well as funding your own dreams of winning big!

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