Mega Sena

Results Sat 31st July

4 11 12 44 45 57

Next Jackpot: R$46,000,000

Next Draw: Wed 4th August

MegaSena Lotto Draw

The MegaSena Lottery draw is South America’s biggest lottery, held in Brazil the MegaSena is run by the Caixa Economica Federal Bank who hold the MegaSena lotto draw twice weekly every Wednesday and Saturday evening. The way the MegaSena Lotto draw is run, both drawing and betting is unusual but easy to understand once you know how.

Firstly the MegaSena Lotto draw uses two sets of numbered balls, yet only creates on set of winning numbers. The first set of numbered balls range from 0 to 5 and the second from 0 to 9. A ball is chosen from each ball pool individually and the two balls make up each number of the lotto draw. For instance, if a 0 and a 8 is chosen from the lotto draw machine then the first ball is 08. Numbers run from 00 to 59 with 00 representing 60.

Six balls are chosen from the lottery machine and to win the MegaSena Lotto jackpot you need to match all six numbers to the six drawn from the lottery machine. Balls run, as above from 01 to 60 but bets on the lotto draw don’t run as some in the world do.

Lottery tickets have the option for up to 15 numbers and that allows for players to choose various ‘permutations’ for the draw. Each permutation costs R$2 and increase your chances of winning a prize in the MegaSena Lotto draw. Many players just choose six numbers, as permutations are so expensive. For example, if you choose 15 numbers, then the permutations on that would cost R$10,010 as there are 5005 variations available. The option for permutations is however very popular with lottery syndicates both across Brazil and online across the world.

In addition to the lottery jackpot, lottery prizes are also paid for players matching from four balls upwards. From the lotto draw pot, money is also put aside for special MegaSena Lotto draws five times a year and a once yearly Mega Draw, very popular with lotto players around the world.

Winners of the MegaSena lotto draw have 90 days to claim their prize before it is put back into the pot for special social programmes across Brazil. 46% of money from lottery tickets is put back into the lotto draw prize pool, a further 54% raised by the MegaSena Lotto draw goes to administration and towards these special social programmes, or what we may know as ‘good causes’.

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