Florida Lotto

Results Sat 19th September

10 16 35 36 39 41 3

Next Jackpot: $4,000,000

Next Draw: Wed 23rd September

Florida Lotto Draw

In 1986, the idea for a Florida Lotto draw was put forward and voters had a chance to decide whether the state would have its own lotto draw. Voters said yes at a two to one ratio and by January 1988 the first Florida Lotto draw was held. The idea was originally touted as a way to put extra money into education, something that is still done today with revenue from ticket sales for the Florida Lotto draw going into the Education Enhancement Trust Fund and the Bright Futures scholarship programme.

Although just a state lottery, Florida Lotto jackpots have been known to get as high as the two multi-state lotto draws, the Powerball and Mega Millions. In fact it took just two years after the launch of the Florida Lotto draw for the lottery to boast it’s first $100 million jackpot.

Originally there was no cash option on the FL Lotto draw with players forced to take annuity prizes only. The cash option didn’t come in until 1998 and many older lottery winners died before receiving the entire sum of their lottery win. Lottery tickets for the main Florida Lotto draw cost $1 within Florida and recently a multiplier was added to the main FL Lotto draw. The multiplier option costs $1 and multiplies all wins bar the jackpot by up to five times and is a popular option with lottery players.

The Florida Lottery Company run many draws and scratchcards under one umbrella, giving players many chances to become millionaires but the main FL Lotto draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday evening. During the Florida Lotto draw, six balls are drawn from a possible 53 and to win the jackpot you must match all six numbers on your lottery ticket to the balls drawn in the Florida Lotto draw.

The newest addition to the Florida Lottery portfolio is the Powerball Lottery. In January 2008, Florida Lotto became the latest state to sell Powerball Lottery tickets and within twelve months, Florida had seen a $101 million Powerball Lottery winner.

Originally lottery tickets were only sold in Florida for the Florida Lotto draw but now with the advent of the internet, it’s easy to take advantage of these bumper lottery jackpots wherever you are in the world. Buying lottery tickets online for lotto draws on the other side of the world is now often easier than buying for your local lotto draw!

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